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Parallel Lines

Our Work

Here are some examples of work we've enjoyed doing for customers! Have you got something similar in mind? We'd love to hear from you!



Honda XR 350

This motorbike is almost the same age as Andrew's sister... and no where near as pretty when it came into the shop! A 1983 Honda XR 350. Came in with a broken gear selector shaft. So we split the crank case, fitted new piston rings, honed the barrel, serviced the cylinder head, fitted new clutch fibres and steels, plus overhauled the carbies. Looking good now!


Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser conversion, born as petrol, rebirthed as diesel turbo. Andrew custom made the snorkel and air box, water over air intercooler, and pipe work. Neat huh?

EK Holden 4.jpeg


EK Holden

This baby blue EK Holden rolled into the shop recently for a health check. Call us on 9939 2239 if you've got a vintage piece that needs a freshen up.


280 SL Mercedes-Benz

This spectacular 1967 280 SL Mercedes-Benz spent some time at the workshop having a full engine rebuild, automatic transmission overhaul, mechanical fuel pump rebuild, power steering box and power steering pump overhaul, distributor rebuild, and electronic fuel pump overhaul. Basically, we gave this time-honored automobile the love it longed for!

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